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Push-Off Buckrake


  • Three versions: telescopic handlers, tractor and contractor models
  • Mesh on push-off gate to allow greater visibility
  • Facility for bolt on loader brackets
Push-Off Buckrake

Suitable for:

  • Agriculture
  • Tractor
  • Backhoe
  • Skid Steer
  • Front Loader
  • Telehandler
  • Loading Shovel
Size ID MS Cost
7’ 6” wide (Fitted with conus II 1400mm tines) HDBR/7.6/11/C2/1400 BH, T, TH, FL, SS, LS £6,725*
8’ wide (Fitted with conus II 1400mm tines) HDBR/8.0/12/C2/1400 BH, T, TH, FL, SS, LS £6,925*
9’ wide (Fitted with conus II 1400mm tines) HDBR/9.0/14/C2/1400 BH, T, TH, FL, SS, LS £7,680*
10’ wide (Fitted with conus II 1400mm tines) HDBR/10.0/15/C2/1400 BH, T, TH, FL, SS, LS £8,425*
9' Contractor Model HD Push off Buckrake (extra HD HDBR/9.0/14/SH2153/1500 TH, LS £8,775*
10’ Contractor Model HD Push Off Buckrake (extra H HDBR/10.0/14/SH2153/1500 TH, LS £9,180*
Road Safe Bar to suit Push Off Buckrake HDBR/RSB / £470*

* Cost excluding VAT

Machine Suitability (MS) Column Key:

Loading Shovel
Skid Steer
Front Loader


  • Murray Machinery Push-off Buckrake

    Murray Machinery Push-off Buckrake

The Murray Push off Buckrake comes in three different versions: one is dedicated to telescopic handlers, one is to suit the front or rear linkage of tractors and the last is a contractor version.

The Telehandler version consists of a rigid back frame constructed from heavy duty box section, with a row of 1400mm long heavy duty tines along the bottom. The "push off gate" is hinged from the top of the back frame, the gate also has a flap hinged at the bottom which follows the contour of the tines when going through the Push off cycle. The gate is activated by two double acting hydraulic cylinders.

On the tractor version the main difference is the "push off gate" which is operated by a cantilever system allowing better discharge going up steep slopes.

We also do a contractor version of the above which is a heavy duty machine fitted with stronger 1500mm long tines.

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